Robuskey Edius Serial 19 👽

Robuskey Edius Serial 19 👽

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Robuskey Edius Serial 19

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Robuskey Edius Serial Number.

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Confused about how this 2 bit up-counter will overflow

I’ve been reading a book (called “Turing Machines, Computability and undecidability” – by Steve Cook) and in the book they explain how to implement a 2 bit up-counter using standard multiplication, addition and multi-shift.
In the book they wrote that the following expression will overflow:

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How to write the “one of” structure in Frege

The following code compiles in Haskell:
Prelude> 1 `elem` (1:2:3:4)

and yields True as output, but
Prelude> 1 `elem` [1,2,3,4]

does not yield False as output, because

the compiler throws an exception when trying to pattern match [1,2,3,4]
the constant function is applied to the constant 1 which is not 1.

The question is how the compiler can detect that 1 is not a constant, and can

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