Jx2 Hack Attack Server

Download —>>> https://cinurl.com/2o2rk7



Download —>>> https://cinurl.com/2o2rk7









Jx2 Hack Attack Server


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Group: Joop
User: JxJx

Well I am still getting into this game, played a few matches online
few days back and it was fun enough since was the first FFA I played
in a LONG time.
However, when I got home, I saw it was compromised:

So my question is: is this a hack or something else? I tried and
it doesn’t seem like any single server is compromised as yet, but
maybe I missed something (I also don’t know the right terminology
for this, so be gentle).
The infected server is pretty much unplayable at the moment, but
luckily there is a file on the server that contains all the private
keys for all players.
All private keys will be identical for people on the same server,
My initial thoughts were that maybe some software for cheats or
hacks is in use to get the gold out of the server, but I’m not sure
where to start in looking into it.
Note that in this case the user’s data is still safe, the server and
client just isn’t usable for the moment.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

And most importantly, WHAT IS GOING ON?


This is a hack. Just like the wikipedia page says, they do something like take your settings, transfer them to a different server and you’ll appear on that server instead of your current server. That’s it.
Lucky you found a list of (bad) websites. You’ll have to filter the list yourself for ‘jx2 hack’, most of them are just forums that spread rumors or forums about such kind of hacks.
Personally I would look for other people who are playing on your server. If they use a proxy or something, you can check the ips and user names to see if it’s the same person.
That said, your data is safe.

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